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spring 2022.
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Planned litter I

28 June 2020 - Ultrasound examination at the Vetica clinic confirmed that Roja is pregnant. We are waiting patiently for the birth of puppies.
2 June 2020 - After a fruitful date with the charming bachelor Charro, we expect puppies to be born in early August.

Roja and Charro, I hope it will be a unique combination of Spanish characters. Charro does not have Champion titles, but he is a rescue dog specializing in search of living people. He obtained the title of a stud dog in 2016, after meeting the requirements of the German Dog Breeders Association. Since 2017, Charro belongs to the German Association of Rescue Dogs (BRH). After a year of intensive study and participation in many training sessions and a completed obedience exam, as a companion dog, Charro successfully passed the rescue dog exam. His tasks include looking for missing people, the elderly and those suffering from dementia, children who escaped or got lost, people after an accident, in a state of shock, as well as people at risk of suicide. Due to its advantages as intelligent, willing to learn and work with high endurance and excellent smell, the Spanish Water Dog is as if created for this task.

father mother




Champion Polski


Chalil Me Gustas Tu "Charro" Rioja Aquagruaz "Roja"


Puppies pedigree
I generation II generation III generation IV generation

Aquagruaz Rioja "Roja"

Elbows: 0/0
PRA: wolna
NAD: wolna
CHG: wolna
ECVO: poprawny

Aquagruaz Santoja
Born To Be
De Fraguel's Cabeza-Deturco De Ubrique Lasodid
Zorrazo Pocahontas Zorrazo Ufano
Zorrazo Vaca Loca
Veskarin Idols Tinto Zorrazo Zias Zorrazo Ole' Mi Nino
Zorrazo Bianca
Veskarin El Enate Zorrazo Quijote
Veskarin Al Alicante

Chalil Me Gustas Tu "Charro"

PRA: wolny
NAD: wolny

Du Pays du Vallees Inego
La Perrera Flamenca Amigo De La Petaca Zape
De Calathea Trutog
Du Pays D'Ardenne Fenya Du Pays D'Ardenne Ambras
De La Galea Chavalina
Aguas Arriba Daliah
De La Machina Tango
Picardo Ventua Ay
Fehaer Masco Emma Del Massaltet Drago
Del Pipa Casita Yerba

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Our Dogs

See our Spanish Water Dogs from Canis Marinus.

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